Grassroots Help Needed for Momma Cat and Kittens


Melissa Sessions VanDyke started up a GoFundMe page to help pay for vet expenses for a mother cat hit by a car. The cat was given to her to look after by a woman who is pcsing (transferring to a new military base) and thus, can no longer look after antiviral this kitty family.

To help control the cat population, Melissa will be taking the mommy cat to the vet to get spayed when the kittens are old enough. If you’d like to help Melissa out, here’s a grassroots way for you to take action by visiting her GoFundMe page.

Lost and Injured Pets in Japan Need Your Help ASAP

The news has been full of coverage on the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan.  Because of the tremendous impact on the Japanese people, there’s been very little news about the injured and lost pets created by this natural disaster.  Remember what happened with Katrina?  Well, a similar thing is happening to the animals in… Continue Reading

June is Adopt-A-Cat Month

According to the American Humane Society, approximately 4 million cats are rescued by animal shelters each year. We all know that not all of them find homes, so if you’re considering getting a cat, why not visit your local animal shelter? If you’ve already got a kitty who keeps you busy, take a moment and… Continue Reading

Drs. Foster and Smith Green Follow-Up

Since I just did a follow-up on PetSmart, it seemed fitting to see if Drs. Foster and Smith kept their word and embraced the green.  Let’s evaluate the progress since my blog entries in January. Here are the comments from “Brent”: “At Drs. Foster and Smith we care about your satisfaction – but we also… Continue Reading

Be an Angel for Animals and Save Some Green

Angel’s Wish is an animal welfare organization that I featured in a blog entry earlier this year about eco-friendly tips for animal shelters.  I’ve had the opportunity to see Gold LEED certified pet adoption centers, but Angel’s Wish demonstrates that you can also be small and be green. They’re hosting an online auction from June… Continue Reading

Day 24: Recycled Plastic Litter BoxesThe 30-Day Green Cat Challenge

Given the low-tech purpose that litter boxes serve, it’s surprising that they aren’t all made from 100% recycled plastic.  In fact, I could only find one litter box that used recycled materials.  This just seems wrong to me.  I also found a lot of companies greenwashing their litter boxes to claim that they offer eco-friendly… Continue Reading

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