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The Lazy Cat’s Guide to Living Green

New on Catster! They just published my Earth Day guide on the “Lazy Cat’s Guide to Living Green“. Let’s face it. Sometimes, it’s more work to be eco-friendly.


With the Lazy Cat Guide, you’ll learn how to green your cat without having to do much work. It might even save you some effort!

What are you waiting for? Go check it out for eco-friendly and easy tips. Have a Happy Earth Day!

Image courtesy: The Perch

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How to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Pets

I was invited a few weeks ago to participate as a panelist on NPR’s City Vision show on 91.7 KALW. The show was about how to reduce the carbon footprint of pets. During the show, there were some interesting facts presented about pets and their impact on the planet.  One of the panelists shared thatContinue Reading

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Cat Owners Can Go Green Too

Received a great guest post from Becky and wanted to share! Enjoy! If you are a cat owner, you can go green to help protect the environment and do your part at making a difference. Going green can help to reduce pollution, improve air quality, and even help you to save money on your bills.Continue Reading

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Where to Recycle Stuff

I always find that the new year is the perfect time for reflection and new beginnings. In fact, it was on New Year’s Day 2009 that I decided to make a gift to the planet by challenging myself to find one new way each day for 30 days to make my cat’s lifestyle just aContinue Reading

5 Great Reasons to Use Less Cat Litter

Recycle, reduce and reuse are the buzzwords for the mainstream environmental movement.  People definitely have gotten the recycle aspect down.  Reusing is starting to pick up steam too.  But, what about REDUCE?  For years, it seemed this humble verb was reduced to being a mere sidekick to the sexier “recycle”.  It took a global recessionContinue Reading

Furball Reviews the Amazing Treat Machine Rollers

Just what on earth is an Amazing Treat Machine Roller, you may ask? Well, it’s an interactive cat toy that automatically rewards your cat with treats or the smell of catnip. This cat toy is also eco-friendly. It’s made from cardboard that contains 30% post-consumer recycled content, comes with an organic catnip “teabag” and onceContinue Reading

My Fuzzy Valentine – Gift Ideas for Your Beloved Cat

Admittedly since the arrival of the baby, poor spoiled Furball has been relegated to the status of cat in the household.  No longer is he the only child, pampered and petted with all of his idiosyncracies embraced wholeheartedly (eg. whining for 2 hours in the morning beginning at 6am).  Perhaps your feline companion has notContinue Reading

Trinket-Free Holiday Gift Idea for Cat Lovers

Last year, I wrote a post on the most un-eco-friendly cat products for 2009.  Not surprisingly, in my research, I found a plethora of crap available as gifts for cat lovers.  Just because someone loves cats, this doesn’t mean they love ugly cheap trinkets made in China. I came across a great gift idea forContinue Reading

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