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Green Little Cat is the only blog dedicated exclusively to greener living ideas for cats and cat lovers. It's written by Holly Tse, author of Make Your Own Cat Toys: Saving the Planet One Cat Toy at a Time.
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    January, 2009

    Day 30: Retrospective on the 30-Day Green Cat Challenge

    Wow, it’s Day 30 of the 30-Day Green Cat Challenge.  Thank you for reading along for 30 days!  It seems fitting to look back at the past month to see whether I succeeded in my original goal of making my eco-friendly cat just a little bit greener as well as inspiring others to do the […]

    Day 29: Encourage More Cats to Go Green — The 30-Day Green Cat Challenge

    It’s the second last day of the 30-Day Green Cat Challenge, and it’s time to reach out as far as I possibly can.  However, I can’t do it without you, so I’m asking for your help to spread the word to encourage as many people as possible to be more eco-conscious about their pets and […]

    You’re Invited to Take the 30-Day Green Cat Challenge

    Give your cat a green makeover in a month by taking the 30-Day Green Cat Challenge.  As a New Year’s resolution, I decided to examine one aspect of my cat’s life each day for 30 days to see how I could make his eco-friendly lifestyle even more green.  I also wanted to offer ideas and […]

    Day 28: Shelters Outside U.S. Inspire Green Ingenuity — The 30-Day Green Cat Challenge

    Continuing the theme of Day 25 and Day 26 of the Green Cat Challenge, today I’m looking even further afield for green inspiration.  And I found it with The Animal House Jamaica and Paraíso Felino located in Mexico. The Animal House Jamaica The Animal House Jamaica is the only animal shelter located on the north […]

    Day 27: Easy Eco-friendly Tips for Animal Shelters — The 30-Day Green Cat Challenge

    Following in the spirit of Day 26 of the 30-Day Green Cat Challenge, I’m going to finish the week by looking outwards for inspiration to green my cat.  I’ve spent the past few weeks examining Furball’s life to give him an eco-cat makeover.  However, I really believe it’s important to reach out.  Perhaps this will […]

    Day 26: Articles on Eco-friendly Cats and How to Green Your Cat — The 30-Day Green Cat Challenge

    As I enter the last few days of the 30-Day Green Cat Challenge, it’s time to turn my gaze outwards for eco-friendly cat ideas.  For the first 25 days of the Challenge, I looked at Furball and our lifestyle to see how to green my cat’s lifestyle.  Now it’s time to see what ideas other […]

    Day 25: Holistic Vets and Acupuncture for Cats — The 30-Day Green Cat Challenge

    Reiki for cats, quantum energy for cats, herbs for cats, cat massage, cat acupuncture… These days, cats have many of the same alternative healing therapies available to them as their human companions.  However, many people are suspicious and skeptical of non-traditional healing methods even for humans, let alone for cats.  This is unfortunate because people […]

    Day 24: Recycled Plastic Litter BoxesThe 30-Day Green Cat Challenge

    Given the low-tech purpose that litter boxes serve, it’s surprising that they aren’t all made from 100% recycled plastic.  In fact, I could only find one litter box that used recycled materials.  This just seems wrong to me.  I also found a lot of companies greenwashing their litter boxes to claim that they offer eco-friendly […]

    Day 23: Vegan Cat Diets?The 30-Day Green Cat Challenge

    This post will probably be one of the most controversial ones that I write and also the one where I share the most personal details about myself.  I will state upfront that in my opinion, it is completely unsuitable to feed your cat a vegan diet.  Cats are carnivores and eat meat.  Vegan diets for […]

    Day 22: Homemade Cat Toy FridayThe 30-Day Green Cat Challenge

    Friday is homemade cat toy day, so today, I’m going to share with you the Dream Cat-cher from Furball’s eco-friendly cat toy book.  This one is sooooo easy, but Furball’s been loving this game for the past two weeks.  He actually breaks his nap to come out at the same time each morning to play. […]