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Green Eggs and Cat Food

Here’s a guest post from cat lover, Becky, who wrote a pawsome summary on greening your cat’s dining habits.

If you’re one of the many Americans trying to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about the environmental impact of the food on your plate. But have you considered the carbon footprint of the food you feed your cat? In the struggle to create a sustainable future, every little bit counts. Here’s some things to consider when you’re creating a more eco-friendly diet for your cat.

Different Species, Same Questions

All of the questions that you ask about the food you eat are good questions to ask about your cat’s food too. Does the meat come from animals raised on an organic farm? Were they treated with artificial growth hormones and antibiotics? Did their diet include healthy wild grasses or large amounts of highly processed grains?

You also want to consider how local the food you feed your cat is. Even meat from an ethical organic farm can have a large ecological footprint if it has been shipped across the country. There’s also the issue of containers. Does the food come in a can made from recycled metal? Is there an excess of unnecessary plastic packaging?

DIY If You Can

The most eco-friendly way to meet your cat’s food needs is to make the food yourself. That way you can have total control of the ingredients and make sure that you’re using only local, organic, ethically raised meat. You can also tailor the food in unique ways if your cat has any allergies or other special dietary needs. Making the food yourself also eliminates the need for any packaging, and will be a manageable expense whether you use cash or credit card.

Baby Steps

For many of us,making our own cat food is out of reach because we have limited time and/or money. If that’s the case for you, don’t worry. There’s still a lot you can do to reduce the waste and energy consumption associated with your cat’s food.

First, see if you can find some locally produced organic cat food. If money is a concern, check out the websites of some local pet stores and use your credit cards comparison shop. You might be surprised at the deals that are available.

Regardless of the brand you buy, be sure to recycle the metal containers. If you purchase food in bags, try to buy a larger bag next time. This can dramatically reduce the amount of packaging that ends up going to the landfill. When you go to the store to buy more cat food, pick up more than you normally do. By taking trips to the pet store less often, you’ll save both time and gas.

Chances are good that some of these ideas will fit into your budget and lifestyle. If you’re like most cat owners, part of the reason you wanted an animal companion in the first place is because you love the natural world.

Changing your cat’s diet to a more eco-friendly one will help make
sure your pet is helping the rest of the world at the same time.

June is Adopt-a-Cat Month

Did you know June is Adopt-a-Cat Month?  When I adopted Furball over ten years ago from the local animal shelter, all I wanted was a healthy and happy kitten. On the other hand, a woman I worked with chose to go with a breeder because she wanted a specific breed of cat.

What most people don’t know is that shelters are overflowing with all types of cats, including very specialized breeds.  You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for a cat.  Love is right around the corner.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a cat, our friends at have shared some pawsome information about different breeds of cats that are available for adoption right now.  Here’s what they have to say about Scottish Folds, Ragdolls and Bengal cats.

About Scottish Folds
Scottish Folds are a unique breed of cats.  Their folded ears often give them an “owl-like” appearance.  Though they don’t always have folded ears, they are always referred to as Scottish Folds even when they have fully erect ears. Scottish Folds are a wonderful breed and usually become very attached to their human companions. They are soft-spoken and loyal, and rarely have qualms with any other cats or animals in a household.

Here’s a Scottish Fold available right now for adoption!

“Spencer is a Darling pure white Scottish Fold! He is quite the handsome cat with his little downturned ears and big beautiful golden eyes. He is snuggly, a tad bit shy, but one happy fella! Spencer is a senior kitty and will need a nice quiet home, but he loves kids, cats, and pretty much any human that comes his way. Let his beautiful eyes win you over today! If you don’t want to adopt Spencer, he’s also looking for a foster. “

Find a Scottish Fold Cat or Kitten Near You Now at

About Ragdoll Cats
If you like fluffy and ridiculously cuddly cats, maybe a Ragdoll is for you! This breed originated in Southern California about sixty years ago and has rapidly become one of the most popular kitties in the United States. With their characteristically soft fur and bright blue eyes, most people find Ragdolls irresistible. They are a highly intelligent cat and will often follow you around and sit in your lap at every given opportunity. Ragdolls are best as inside only cats because they have been known to get into trouble chasing cars or with unfriendly animals – they’re just too friendly to stay away!

If you’d like to adopt a Ragdoll kitty for yourself, maybe Jesse is the beautiful girl for you!

“Ragdolls are known for their tendency to go limp when picked up, and Jesse is one of those kitties. She loves people and has the personality to get along with just about anyone, but it’s best she is rehomed without any female cats or small children. Jesse’s coloring is typical of a Ragdoll – she even has white mittens to boots – and is a big, soft, fluffy kitty with white and black fur.

Find a Ragdoll Cat or Kitten Near You Now at

About Bengal Cats
Bengal kitties are quite an interesting breed. They are described as half domestic kitty, half Asian Leopard Cat, and often have beautiful and unique spots and stripes that make them look “wild”. Generally speaking, the Bengal breed does possess a predictably sweet personality as long as they are well socialized; otherwise, they can be a little hot tempered and reckless. Bengal cats can be extremely sweet, loving, and gorgeous but experienced cat owners usually know best how to have a happy Bengal family member.

For an example of a beautiful and excellent Bengal up for adoption, meet Maui!

“She’s a wonderful three year old kitty that needs a new home because her family is leaving to go somewhere that doesn’t allow kitties. Maui is fully vetted and also declawed in the front and will love you as soon as you sit down! This black spotted grey kitty is around three years old and loved to drink from the faucet the moment you turn it on! Maui loves to purr in your ear and absolutely adores all people and other kitties. “

Find a Bengal Cat or Kitten Near You Now at

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Mr. Chewy carries stuff for CATS too! is driven by pet happiness and not the bottom line. You can see this in the quality products that they carry. They’ve got the who’s who of premium and organic cat food and eco-friendly cat litter.

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