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Furball’s Famous for His Antics: My Cat Ripped a Chunk Out of the Ceiling at the Vet’s Office

Furball’s famous! My story about how he ripped a chunk out of the ceiling at the vet’s office is the lead article in Catster’s Lifestyle section today. is the largest online community for cats and cat lovers. They recently relaunched the site and now it’s got a bright, fresh look and tons of funny and informative articles.

I wrote the articles in their Green Cat advice section too.

If your cat hates the vet, then you’ll be able to relate to Furball’s attempt at the great cat escape.

Here’s the link to the article on Catster:

A Delightfully Creative Way to Upcycle

Green Little Cat reader, Laurie, sent us this picture of her cats’ newest pawsome hangout. She used her creative flair to transform an old speaker into a fun place for her cats to play and catch a catnap. Check out how much her cats are enjoying their new space.

Here’s what Laurie had to share about upcycling:

I used a very old and not working speaker….you know those coffee table size ones. I took the speakers out of the box, cleaned it up a bit, then used some extra carpet and wrapped it around the outside of the box. The holes the where the speakers weight loss were are great for playing hide and seak or to just curl up for a catnap.

The possibilities are endless with the different size and shapes of the old speakers. I can vision a whole wall of them attached with some old lumber…like a walking plank from one to another and zig zag up a wall.

Want 15 minutes of fame for your kitty?

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