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I Forgot to Write About This: Procter & Gamble Purchasing Natura Pet Products

After spending weeks investigating low-grain natural cat food in the Natural Cat Food Throwdown, I was rather dismayed to learn that the winning company, Natura Pet Products, is being SOLD to Procter & Gamble.

I got the press release hot off the press, but completely forgot to blog about it since I went on vacation for a few weeks. This is rather unfortunate since Natura was one of the largest natural pet food suppliers that was really walking the walk when it came to being eco-friendly.

EVO, a low-carb natural cat food, was one of the winners of my Natural Cat Food Throwdown. I contacted a number of natural cat food companies and asked about their green policies. I got answers as dismal as, “Yes, we’re eco-frendly because our cans are recyclable.” to some fantastic answers from Don Scott, the president of Natura Pet Products. Natura was introducing hybrid cars for its sales team and building an eco-friendly new office.

Now that P&G is taking over, I wonder what will happen to these green initiatives. Unfortunately, I have a good idea what will happen.

Anyway, in light of this news, I’m revoking the championship title from EVO, which leaves Tiki Cat as the most eco-friendly natural cat food company in the Natural Cat Food Throwdown.

Rah Rah Raw! – Learn About Raw Food Diets for Cats

Despite the title of this post, I’m actually neutral about raw meat diets for cats as I haven’t actually tried it. About the time I heard about a convenient way to feed Furball raw food (see post on The Honest Kitchen), it was no longer an option since I had a baby. It’s pretty disturbingContinue Reading

Mint Ice Cream Cat Litter

I recently visited the Humane Society of Silicon Valley and was told about an eco-friendly cat litter that smells like ice cream.  I had to see (smell) this for myself so HSSV’s Director of Customer Service was kind enough to lead me the their pet store and held up a bag for me to sniff.Continue Reading

A Chemical-Free Garden and Organic Insect Repellent

Gardens are a potential landmine when it comes to chemicals.  To me, it seems obvious that if you are going to eat the stuff that grows in your garden, you don’t want to be spraying chemical pesticides on it.  However, I can relate to the “ick factor” of creepy crawlies taking over your garden andContinue Reading


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