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Erase Your Cat’s Carbon Footprint

This is pretty cool.  I’m quoted in an article in “The Daily Cat” about how to green your cat.

Read a copy of the article here.

“The Daily Cat” also published an article which featured some of my do-it-yourself eco-friendly cat toys.  It amused me greatly to be referred to as a “cat toy expert”.

Read some cat toy ideas here.

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Happy Earth Day!

If there ever was a day to feel inspired to green your cat, today would be it.  Check out the archives for my 30 Day Green Cat Challenge. It was really the basis that got this blog started.  Take the 30 Day Green Cat Challenge to green your cat in a month.  I went throughContinue Reading

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Furball’s Cat Toilet Training – Day 17

Yay!  There were a couple of logs sitting on the tray this morning.  And, a couple fell through the hole into the toilet.  Furball seems to be getting the hang of this cat toilet training thing. As I’ve been observing the process, I can see a couple of other potential trouble spots during the process. Continue Reading

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The First Ever Kitty Litter in a Biodegradable Bag – How to Get One for Free

What’s better than eco-friendly cat litter? Eco-friendly cat litter that comes in an eco-friendly bag!!! And what’s even better than that???? The chance to get your (cat’s) paws on a free bag! Close to Naturenow is a 100% all natural and organic kitty litter made from soybean meal and granulated potato starch. It’s chemical-free withoutContinue Reading

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