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Happy Earth Day!

GreenTipsIf there ever was a day to feel inspired to green anti anxiety your cat, today would be it.  Check out the archives for my 30 Day Green Cat Challenge.

It was really the basis that got this blog started.  Take the 30 Day Green Cat Challenge to green your cat in a month.  I went through the process myself and was amazed at how many additional changes I could do to make Furball’s life even greener.

Take the Challenge!

Furball’s Cat Toilet Training – Day 17

Yay!  There were a couple of logs sitting on the tray this morning.  And, a couple fell through the hole into the toilet.  Furball seems to be getting the hang of this cat toilet training thing.

As I’ve been observing the process, I can see a couple of other potential trouble spots during the process.  The first is that he sits in the tray to use it.  When the hole gets too big for him to stand in it, he’ll have to turn around with his paws on the outside and his butt on the inside.  This is the exact opposite of what he currently is doing (butt in the middle).

The second potential issue is splashback.  When that hole gets bigger and he’s dropping off some solids, they might cause water to splash onto his butt.  We all know cats hate water.  Oh well, c’est la vie.  Let’s hope for the best.  He won’t be at either of these two stages for at least another month or so.  The CitiKitty directions advise you to progress to the next step only after your cat has successfully used the tray in the latest step for a week.

After finding a chunk in his litter bag, I’m going to be even more cautious in moving forward.  It is very tempting to speed things along, but I’ve waited this long to toilet train my cat, I can certainly wait a few extra weeks.

Furball’s Cat Toilet Training – Day 16

With some trepidation, I headed to the bathroom this morning. A sigh of relief as I saw Furball had peed in the toilet training tray.

I decided to put the foot stool back beside the toilet until Furball gets the hang of using the tray for his #2.

#2 did not appear, but Furball did pee in the tray a second time.

Furball’s Cat Toilet Training – Day 15

I waited 5 days from when the stool (the foot stool, not the cat stool!) was removed to punching out the first hole in the CitiKitty cat toilet training tray.  I figured that conceptually it was a big leap to go from using a step stool to leaping onto the toilet.  While the hole in the tray is tiny, I think it’s another big conceptual leap for Furball to see a hole in the tray.  He can now see the toilet through the hole, which must be somewhat freaky for a cat.

IMG_5671I needed to use a box cutter to punch out the hole.  There are little perforations to guide you to punch out the hole, but without a knife, I’d say it’s almost impossible.  That tray is pretty tough.  Make sure you use a knife that only touches things that you wouldn’t mind if they came into contact with cat litter.  My attempt to use a tissue and not touch the tray with my bare fingers was a resounding failure.  You’ve got to get hands-on to punch out the tray.  Next time, I think I should fish out some rubber gloves, but I’ve got to balance that against needing dexterity to cut the tray while handling a sharp knife.

I can see now why  some people complained on Amazon that it was very difficult to cut the rings smaller if your cat needed to progress more slowly.  On the other hand, you know the tray is sturdy and your cat isn’t going to fall through.

As I’ve been saying throughout this process, go slower than slow.  Fortunately we are blessed with a spare washroom.  It would be a pain if that was our only toilet and I had to keep taking the tray out and washing down the toilet seat each time I needed to go.  On the other hand, it’s a much bigger pain to clean cat urine and feces from the floor, carpet, wall, your bed, etc.

It’s 11:36 am and I’m now waiting to see what will happen when Furball goes to use his “box”.

3 Hours Later in the Day

Furball stood on his hind legs with his front paws on the toilet seat, peering in at the tray.  As predicted, the hole really freaked him out.  Several minutes later, he peed in the tray!

30 Minutes Later

First accident.  Furball dug open the litter bag in the bathroom and pooped inside.  I admired his creativity.  He really tried to do the right thing.  I cleaned up the mess and left the tray as is.  The CitiKitty instructions advise to either leave the tray at the same step or go back a step.  Since I just started, I don’t really have any steps to go back to.

The First Ever Kitty Litter in a Biodegradable Bag – How to Get One for Free

What’s better than eco-friendly cat litter? Eco-friendly cat litter that comes in an eco-friendly bag!!! And what’s even better than that????

The chance to get your (cat’s) paws on a free bag!

Close To NatureNow Eco-friendly Cat Litter

Close to Naturenow is a 100% all natural and organic kitty litter made from soybean meal and granulated potato starch. It’s chemical-free without any clay additives. I wrote about this litter about a year ago, when I interviewed Scott DeWaide, President of The Organic Farm Store, makers of Close to Naturenow.

Scott recently touched base with me to let me know that this eco-friendly litter now comes in a biodegradable bag.  It’s the first ever litter to have biodegradable packaging, making this earth-friendly cat litter even greener.

To celebrate this new litter and to give you a gift for Earth Day, The Organic Farm Store is generously giving away an 18lb bag of Close to Naturenow to one lucky reader of

The Answer to the Secret Question

To enter the giveaway, please visit The Organic Farm Store’s website and check out the page on eco-friendly animal shelters.  This page contains the answer to the secret question on the giveaway entry page, which you’ll find on my website.  I haven’t been able to port the code onto this blog, it just doesn’t seem to work with WordPress.

The deadline for entries is Earth Day, of course!  Now, you’ll probably have to do a web search to find out when Earth Day is.  May I suggest using where you’ll save 20.6 sq. feet of rainforest if you do.  Please enter only once, but you can triple your entries by sharing this with a friend.  Contest is open to residents of the U.S.  Hey, it wouldn’t be eco-friendly to ship an 18 lb bag of litter too far!


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