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Winners of Prowl Cat Food Samples and the Pet Food Cookbook

prowlCongratulations to the winners of the Prowl Sample giveaway.  Ten lucky cats each won a sample pack of Prowl dehydrated raw cat food from The Honest Kitchen.

Our winners included cats living in Georgia, Nevada, New York, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida.

And, a cat mommy from New York is the winner of the new pet food cookbook, Made out of Love, written by Lucy Postins, co-founder of The Honest Kitchen.

The Honest Kitchen uses only human-grade ingredients to make pet food for both cats and dogs.  They’re a family owned company located near Downtown San Diego.  They have a pet-friendly office with up to seven dogs visiting each day. The dogs love going in to the office to do taste tests of course.  And, cats are no strangers to taste tests either.

Harry, the first office feline at The Honest Kitchen, is the chief R&D officer when it comes to cat food.  Harry was rescued by Laurette, the Director of Operations.  She found him during a store visit and had to smuggle him into the hotel and then buy new flights to get home, because the airline she booked didn’t allow pets.  Harry arrived with skin issues, and after having his say in what went into Prowl, is now healthy and happy.  Here’s a picture of Harry.

Harry cat2

Furball’s Cat Toilet Training – Day 9

IMG_5637This was the second day in a row I awoke to find a big cat turd sitting the the toilet training tray.  As you can see by its position, Furball stands in the tray with his butt facing the rim of the toilet seat.  In order for him to use the toilet successfully, he’ll have to get used to facing the other way.

Cat toilet training is not for the lazy.  You’ll need to clean the tray at least once a day, probably closer to twice a day.  It’s not that hard to pull out the tray and scoop the poo/pee into the toilet.  A few caveats:

  • Use flushable litter only
  • Flush only if it is safe to do so in your municipality
  • If toxoplasmosis is an issue, like it is here in California, only flush if you are 110% sure you’re cat does not have this parasite.  If your cat goes outdoors or has eaten raw food, the risk of him/her having taxoplasmosis is much greater.

For your sanity, give up on trying to keep the toilet pristine, or the bathroom for that matter.

If you are lazy, you can console yourself with the promise that after your cat is toilet trained, you’ll never have to clean a box again.

Furball’s Cat Toilet Training – Day 8

IMG_5636This morning I awoke to find a stool sitting on top of the CitiKitty toilet training tray.  Who knew the day would come when I’d be happy to see a cat turd?

The day before, I had some concerns because Furball seemed like he was holding onto #2 instead of using the litter pan on the toilet.  I was happy that he did #1 twice in the tray yesterday, but #2 was a day overdue.   Although I was concerned that Mr. Poo had not made his appearance, I was glad about the pee.  Poo can be picked up and thrown out.  The floor can be wiped and cleaned.  Everyone knows cat pee is a different story.

I was expecting a much greater mess when I decided to undertake the process of toilet training my cat.  Based on some of the feedback on Amazon for CitiKitty and Litter Kwitter, I was expecting to find litter, urine and feces strewn all over the bathroom.  As you can see from the graphic photo, it’s not so bad.  The little bits on the floor that you can barely see are bits of litter.  Maybe not any messier than usual.

Sorry about posting a pic of my cat’s stools, but I figure one of the greatest hesitations people have in deciding whether to toilet train their cat is fear of the unknown.  You just don’t know what to expect.  Granted, every cat is different, but if you follow this story, you’ll at least see one cat’s journey photo by photo with wonderful commentary from the peanut gallery.

Furball’s Cat Toilet Training – Day 7

I was still waiting for Furball to use the cat toilet training tray since I moved the CitiKitty onto the top of the toilet.  He was whining a little more than usual in the morning and kept pacing around the house.

I was a little concerned.  When I checked the toilet, the tray was still unadorned from any excrements.  I enjoyed writing that sentence!

After watching Furball seem a little more anxious than normal, I thought I’d try showing him the box one more time.  This time, instead of placing him directly on the tray, I put him on the stool beside the toilet.  This allowed him the opportunity to stand on a familiar object, yet explore the toilet seat.

He gave the tray a couple of sniffs.  Then he gingerly stepped up and walked on the pan a bit.  I held my breath.  He went into the familiar cat squat and I left him to do his business.

A giant sigh of relief!

My Observations:

Yes, as Amazon reviewers have noted, the CitiKitty pan is flimsy as compared to the Litter Kwitter.  I noticed it giving a bit under Furball’s paws.  He weighs about 12.5 lbs.  At no point however, did it seem like the tray would not hold him or that it would break off from the toilet.  It moved, but seemed secure.  Like what you would expect from buildings built to withstand earthquakes.

Furball also stood exclusively on the pan and did not put his paws on the toilet seat.  I could see how punching out the rings too fast would cause issues.  I’m just happy he’s using the tray on the toilet.  I’ll give him as much time as he needs before punching out the first ring.  The first ring is quite small, so I’m not too concerned.  My biggest concern was that he wouldn’t use the tray when it was moved to the toilet.

Out of habit, I went to use the bathroom a few times, but stopped when I saw the cat litter tray sitting on the toilet.  I used the other washroom instead.  I could see how if you only had one bathroom this would be a pain in the butt.  It’s not that big a deal to move the tray, but I really didn’t want to be handling a pan full of litter every time I needed to go.

Furball’s Cat Toilet Training – Day 6

On Day 6, I moved the CitiKitty cat toilet training kit tray back onto the toilet.  I put down the new flat toilet seat.  I picked up Furball, placed him on the toilet so that he could see where his new “box” had moved to.  He jumped off immediately, but that was to be expected.  I picked him up one more time to show him and then I waited.

And waited…

And waited…

And waited…

The expected #2 never arrived, so I put a footstool right infront of the toilet.  Furball likes to sit on the stool in the kitchen.  Kinda ironic I needed to add a stool in expectation of a stool.

Again, I waited…

And waited…

And waited…

And waited…

By the end of the day, the cat litter tray sat pristinely on the toilet.  Well, as pristine as a litter tray can be.  Actually, it wasn’t that pristine.  I left remnants of his previous #1 coated litter in the pan.  I figured the smell of cat pee would alert him to where his box went.

The Need for Cat-Friendly Cleaning

Hey, I’m happy and excited to report that I got published in Feline Wellness magazine.  I submitted an article on cat-friendly green cleaning options and they published it in the Spring edition of their magazine, which just came out.

While researching the article, I discovered that citrus oils are extremely toxic to cats.  This was quite alarming since I used a bunch of eco-friendly cleaners that contained citrus oils.  In the article, I did not mention specific products, but I did discover that Seventh Generation makes a line of products called “Free & Clear” and these don’t contain essential oils.  Also, I use a lot of Wowgreen products since I signed up to be one of their independent distributors.  Their products are enzyme-based as opposed to using citrus oils to clean.

I bought two copies of the magazine at Whole Foods.  Yeah, I know it’s not eco-friendly to buy two.  I’m keeping one and mailing the other one to my Mom.

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