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Drs. Foster and Smith Green Follow-Up

Since I just did a follow-up on PetSmart, it seemed fitting to see if Drs. Foster and Smith kept their word and embraced the green.  Let’s evaluate the progress since my blog entries in January.

Here are the comments from “Brent”:

“At Drs. Foster and Smith we care about your satisfaction – but we also care about the environment. In fact, we all know that a cleaner world equals a better life for you, your family, and your pets. That’s why we’ve committed to taking an active approach to environmental issues.”

Beginning with our April cat catalog, all eco-friendly products will be identified with a logo to help conscientious cat owners like you make better-informed product selections. We’re also developing an “eco-friendly” shop category online! We’re sorry that this portion of our Green Initiative was not in place at the time of our current catalog print. Thanks for your post!

I just looked through their latest catalog and they have identified eco-friendly products with a logo.  There are some scratchers, eco-friendly litter and some pet beds.  They’ve also added an “Eco-Friendly” link under the “Top Favorites” navigation menu on their website.  There are 10 eco-friendly cat products.

Well, it’s a start and what really needs to happen is for more and more people to start speaking with their dollars.  Buy green!

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